How to reserve pickleball court time at Sea Oats Park

SSCA Racquet Club Members must reserve a slot in regularly scheduled Open Play Sessions (Both Courts) or reserve a court for Casual Play. No exceptions. 

The SSCA has set up a free online scheduling system for the pickleball courts at to be used by Racquet Club members. Every paid Racquet Club member is registered as a User. If your SSCA account includes two email addresses, two Users in your household can make reservations.

First time Users:  Follow these steps to log into the reservation system online at or using the YourCourts app:

1.   Enter this website address in your browser window OR click this link:
2.   Enter your SSCA primary or secondary email address and the temporary password sscalogin
3.   Click the blue “Log In” bar
4.   You will be prompted to create a new secure password for your YourCourts account. Password does not have to match SSCA password.
5.   The Reservation Screen will appear with Schedule for current day. You may join a Pickleball Open Play session or reserve a court for Casual Play up to two weeks in advance.

You can download the YourCourts App on the following App Stores:

Apple App Store - YourCourts

Google Play Store - YourCourts