Pickleball Court Rules
Southern Shores Civic Association (SSCA)


The SSCA pickleball courts are privately owned and are for the exclusive use of SSCA Racquet Club members and their guests; members are responsible for their guests’ behavior.  Play at your own risk.
Winter Hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM from November through March, daylight permitting.  
Summer Hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM from April through October, daylight permitting.
The pickleball courts are in a neighborhood, so we must be respectful of our neighbors.
●      No glass containers or food are allowed on the courts.  Pick up your trash.
●      No loud or offensive language and be aware that children may be present.
●      Parking is limited, so walking, bike riding, or carpooling are encouraged.
●      Courts are for pickleball playing only.
●      Members will get a code for the locked gate.
●      Court shoes, sneakers or similar rubber-soled shoes are required for play.
●      The gate is to be closed at all times, especially when the courts are not in use.
●       SSCA is not responsible for personal belongings left behind.



Racquet Club members and their guests are the only persons authorized to use the courts.

Guests under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.



Racquet Club members can reserve pickleball court time using the online scheduling system at YourCourts.com, which can be accessed through a link at https://www.sscaobx.org/racquet-club or directly at https://www.yourcourts.com/yourcourts/security/showLogin/836280.  Reservations may also be made using the Your Courts app, which is available on the Apple App Store by using the “YourCourts.com” search term. 

For initial log in to YourCourts, use your SSCA email address (primary or secondary) and the temporary password sscalogin, then click the blue “Log In” bar. You will be prompted to create your own secure password; you will then be able to reserve a slot in Open Play sessions or a court for Casual Play. The Racquet Club reserves the right to block out court time for special events or other social activities.

●      The YourCourts reservation system allows up to 2 Users per household to reserve court time. Each User must have their own email address. Contact the SSCA to add a secondary email to your account.

●      Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance.



Pickleball Open Play (Both Courts)

Session 1: Monday through Thursday  8 AM to 10 AM on Courts 1 and 2

Session 2: Monday through Thursday 10 AM to 12 PM on Courts 1 and 2

Open to Adult Players of ALL skill levels. Maximum 16 players per session on both courts, which will allow for rotational play. Limit 4 Sessions per week per User. To reserve a slot, log in to Your Courts and join the Open Play session of your choice in the Reservations Schedule. If the Session is full, you may add your name to the Wait List. If you cannot play, please cancel your reservation by removing your name from the Schedule. No Show reservations are forfeited 10 minutes after start time, unless someone present in the group is notified.

Open Play Rotational Rules - The intent of the Open Play session is to mix players of all abilities. Those wanting to stay within one skill level group must reserve a court for Casual Play.

12 or less players per session (two courts):

●      Two paddle stacking - winners stay but split sides

●      No single player can play more than 3 games in a row (unless only four players show).

More than 12 players per session:

●      Four paddle stacking - all four players rotate off court.

●      Alternate paddle stacking between winning and losing sides to mix players.

●      Foursome desiring to stay as a group must stack at the end of the line of paddles.

Pickleball Casual Play

Monday through Thursday starting at 12 PM,  Friday/Saturday/Sunday  8 AM to 8 PM (6 PM Winter)

Members may reserve Court 1 or Court 2 for a 60-minute session for up to 6 players, limited to 2 Casual Play sessions per day and 4 sessions per week per household. At the end of each reservation, players are expected to leave the court regardless of the score. No show reservations are forfeited 5 minutes after start time.  Please arrive 5 minutes before your designated reservation.

For concerns or questions, please email the SSCA Racquet Sports Club board at [email protected]